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Audio Restoration

Domestic and Foreign Dialog archive tapes (especially DA-88's) can suffer damage to the point of not playing back. A short dropout can hold up an entire job until the project manager finds a way to restore or recreate the missing dialog. This usually requires sending it back to teams within the country of origin, which can mean long delays. But if the M&E exists, our soundalikes can re-voice the bad part of the dialog stem and salvage the project. We consult with language and dialect specialists: The missing lines are then re-voiced to match the original production conditions, which can be then be re-mixed against the M&E. (DA-88 and DAT machines are available for transferring material). 


ADR / Foley Recording

Reasonable rates, a quiet studio, and high quality gear: That's what makes this Pasadena facility an ideal place to bring your actors for ADR. 

Foley walking requires skill and we've got it! Whether it's an entire movie or just a few pickups, we will cue and record foley feet and props  to your satisfaction.

Also on hand are extensive sound libraries for all of your FX needs. If we don't have it; we will record it!


Singers and musicians are welcome. A nice selection of vocal mics and low-noise equipment keeps the clean recordings right in the pocket. As a bonus, it's got a  12' green screen infinity wall. Our main focus is audio, but shooting great sounding HD video comes with the territory. Call for pricing and tell us about your next project!